Conflict In Scheduling

My husband and I both made plans tonight

All day, I was looking forward to getting home, having dinner with Jamie and the girls, then having a shower, getting dolled up, and going out to meet a few friends to have some fun on a Friday night.

Ok, for the sake of clarity, I belong to a small, very discreet, very private, swingers community here on the North Shore of Sydney. In our group, there are about 20-25 of us in total and we have get-togethers where the majority of us meet up at this one couple’s massive house in the Northern Beaches. They have eight bedrooms if you can believe that plus multiple entertaining areas, so you can basically wander from room to room and catch up with people for chats or whatever you want to do.

Anyway, some of us in the group break off and meet in the middle of the big parties to go out on the town or just to have a bit of fun together if the mood strikes.

Tonight, I was planning to meet up with a lady from the group who I’ve become close friends with. She’s like me, a “unicorn”, so we have a lot of fun together.

We’d planned to catch up with two couples from the Group as well. We’d booked a room at the Intercontinental in Sydney with two queen-sized beds and a sitting area. The idea was to drink a few glasses of wine, unwind, have some fun, and then head home not long past midnight.

Unfortunately, my husband had mentioned to me about two dozen times over the last week or so that he was going out tonight with some of his mates to celebrate one of them being made partner at an accounting firm.

When I got home, Jamie had picked up the girls and he suggested we order some dinner so that I didn’t have much clean up to do after dinner while he was out. The cringe on my face must have been apparent as he said, “What? Did you forget? Tell me that you don’t have plans?”

I sighed, “I have plans, but I’ve been out three or four times for work and other things over the last couple of weeks, so I’ll cancel.”

He tried to come up with some alternatives so we could both go out, which was totally sweet of him, but ultimately, my parents are out this evening, his parents are interstate visiting his brother and his family, and the young girl who sometimes babysits for us had already made other plans for tonight.

So, I’ve canceled… I’ve gotten about six texts from my group friends that are all along the lines of “Noooooooooo!”

Anyway, I’ve decided that tonight rather than have group sex with friends, I’m going to spend the night with my two favorite people on the planet, eating chips, blowing mouth farts on each others’ tummies, and braiding my oldest daughter’s hair.

Once they fall asleep, I’m going run a hot bath, take my waterproof vibrator into the tub and just rub my troubles away. And if I have any energy left after that, I’ll make my way to my bed, crawl under the sheets, and jill myself off until I pass out from orgasmic exhaustion.

Not quite what I had in mind, but still, not a bad way to spend my Friday evening.